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Stamboul Summer Records announce the New Album Elevations from Eve Buigues.

Los Angeles, CA – Stamboul Summer Records are thrilled to announce the release of the latest album from Eve Buigues, Elevations, available across all digital platforms.


Elevations is a new soul, electronic album with disco flavors and jazz undertones. The album's single, Moonshine, showcases Eve’s soulful vocals and multi-instrumental skills.


Eve Buigues is a French singer songwriter and producer living in Los Angeles. She has independently released 8 albums under various band names, but this is her first solo album and it packs a punch.

Entirely written, performed and produced by Eve in her home studio, Elevations definitely has a vibe. While sharing common traits with other French acts like Daft Punk and Air, Elevations is also unique and quirky. The production is rich, layered with lush harmonies and sultry vocals, and the writing is fresh and original. A must hear in 2022. 

“Elevations is about the ups and downs of our lives as they erode and build us, and we try hard to keep our dreams alive. It’s a reflective and hopeful album, with a tinge of bitterness. Like sucking on sour patch candy.” - Eve Buigues

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